Rubble Master Case Study

Enabled Alfred Lauzon, Owner of Northern Paving, to Open a Second Recycling Yard, Add Topsoil to His Capabilities, and Invest in a Scale House for His Yard

As one of Amaco’s trusted manufacturers, Rubble Master is there when you need heavy duty recycle crushing in a highly mobile and compact package. Its extensive line of crushers and screeners are reliable, cost-effective, and can easily process natural or recycle material, consistently creating high quality end product. Rubble Master put together this case study on how one Canadian paving expert transformed his business with the help of its crushing equipment.

Rubble Master recently put together a case study focused on Alfred Lauzon and the effect that Rubble Master has had on his business Northern Paving. We’ve pulled out some of the key points so we can share them here with you!

The Situation

Alfred Lauzon entered the paving industry when he was just 15 years old, and has part of the business for over five decades. After getting his foothold in the industry, he established Northern Paving, his own company, in 1963.

Alfred’s business has evolved over time. Today, he continues to keep himself busy—running a paving crew doing both commercial and residential paving projects, operating two recycling yards in Guelph, and even plowing snow in the wintertime.

The Decision

Rubble MasterAlfred first began thinking about recycling four years ago after realizing it was becoming more difficult for him to dump waste materials and natural resources were being more rapidly depleted. He attended a seminar during CONEXPO 2014 about recycling for small to medium size demolition and site-work contractors, which introduced him to Rubble Master.

He realized that many Rubble Master owners had been in a situation similar to his own. Alfred saw the opportunity to more efficiently process the increasing amount of asphalt and concrete waste material his business was generating. So, shortly after the trade show, he bought his RM 80GO! Compact Crusher.

The Result

Three years and over 1,000 operation hours later, Alfred’s business has grown and changed. He opened his second recycling yard, now does topsoil, and installed a scale house at his yard. His waste material business is booming with contractors from across southwestern Ontario hauling their waste all the way to Guelph to dispose of it. For some, traveling to Alfred’s recycling yard is the best way to get around the GTA’s higher fees.

After achieving great success with their RM80GO! in recycling, Northern Paving have just added a new Rubble Master RM100GO! to their fleet, primarily for the processing of sand and gravel.

Alfred strives for quality in everything he does – from his work to his relationships – and every aspect of his business reflects this attitude. His material is top quality, and he takes pride in his work. He knows what materials are coming in and how to sort through them to achieve a wonderful finished product. This commitment to quality is what unites Alfred’s business Northern Paving and Rubble Master.

 What Can Rubble Master Do for You?

If you’ve been thinking about trying out a Rubble Master crusher, now is the time. We will be there to support you every step of the way, from figuring out which machine will suit your needs to providing operator training, service, and maintenance.

We can help you conduct a simple economic analysis to determine whether recycling is right for you – contact us today to learn more about how a Rubble Master can assist and expand your business.