Electric Powered Sidewalk Tractors and Sweepers

Your business is ready for the future - electric-powered sidewalk tractors and multipurpose carriers are here to help you get there.

Amaco is proud to offer Boschung equipment, which is entirely electric-powered and creates zero emissions. All Boschung vehicles are designed to be intuitive and compact while offering maximum performance.

All-electric powered zero-emissions sidewalk tractors and multipurpose carriers allow you to save on fuel costs while offering unparalleled performance in all weather. The Urban Sweeper 2.0 offers the ability to be fully autonomous, helping you save on labour and redefine your municipal practices.

Boschung equipment has been designed to complete tasks year-round - the Pony P3.0 transforms from a street sweeper to a fully equipped winter maintenance vehicle with a quick switch system, adding versatility to your fleet.

Rely on efficient, sustainable, and modern equipment for your forward-thinking business. To learn more about Boschung products, visit their manufacturer page.

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