Street Sweeping Equipment

Used in most cities and towns across Ontario, street sweepers play a critical role in maintaining roadways, controlling surface water runoff quality and helping them look their best. Amaco works with innovative manufacturers that know the features and functionalities contractors and municipalities are looking for in reliable, sustainable, and cost-effective machines.

As the authorized Ontario distributor for Johnston North America Street Sweepers we offer a variety of options for street maintenance including truck-mounted and purpose-built street sweepers.

Johnston street sweepers are the best choice for a truly multi-purpose unit. From street sweeping to catchbasin cleaning, hydro-vacuuming, and leaf and debris pickup, Johnston sweepers can do it all with one machine. They have truck-mount vacuum regenerative air and mechanical models built for tight corners and crowded streets, as well as compact sweepers intended to clear pedestrian walkways and sidewalks. Johnston designs all of their models to limit water consumption and restrict emissions.

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