Winter Control

With decades of experience, Aebi-Schmidt is a global leader in vehicles, attachments, and demountable devices for the winter control treatment of infrastructural areas. Their extensive selection of winter maintenance and snow clearing equipment is built for high performance and durability in harsh conditions.

Aebi-Schmidt’s Stratos salt and de-icing rear discharge spreaders apply a mixture of brine and salt across the entire road surface in an evenly applied dosage. Their rear-discharge spreader system mixes the liquid and dry spread materials thoroughly and at the proper rate behind the chassis’ drive wheels.

Modern practice recommends applying a mixture of active brine and salt across the entire road surface to create an anti-icing layer to prevent snow buildup and hard pack.

By applying material behind the truck, you greatly reduce the application splash back onto the truck and its drive components thereby substantially reducing truck maintenance costs of brakes (etc.) and extending the truck’s lifecycle compared against traditional combo spreaders that apply ahead of the chassis drive wheels.

Stratos spreaders are available in permanent-mount and slip-in configurations, and can also be equipped with Autologic GPS automatic spread control. This optional feature automatically applies the spread material in the correct dosage and rate depending on the unit’s location. It also provides a GPS-style audio and visual route guidance for the operator, so they can concentrate on plowing when in traffic situations.

Aebi-Schmidt has an extensive line of snow plows to fit every snow condition possible, from primarily slush to hard packed roads. They are built for the harshest environments and demanding performance, handling prolonged use with minimum wear.

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Products include:

  • Stratos, pre-wet, and anti-icing spreaders
  • Single/Multi-bladed snowplows

Consider Küper snowblades to maximize your new plow’s life and utility.

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