Concrete Curb and Road Paving

Slipform concrete is used in commercial, residential, and infrastructure construction jobs requiring reliable and consistent results.

We trust Power Curber and Power Pavers to provide our clients with the best options that fit their budget. This innovative brand has a complete line of specialty concrete, paving, and curbing machines designed to extrude stable, consistent concrete. They build their paving machines to switch between many different pouring profiles, with the 5700-C being their most versatile platform.

The 5700-C embodies Power Curber and Power Pavers’ commitment to quality. Operators can trust it in both residential and commercial infrastructure development. The 5700-C quickly switches between slipform, curb and gutter pouring options, maximizing its flexibility.

For niche paving equipment, they have several options like the SF-1700 for city street paving or their PC 150 that efficiently extrudes precise on-pavement parking barriers. They also fabricate a complete line of texture and curing equipment.

When it comes to accurately setting stringline, we recommend Anvil American. They have been manufacturing tough, reliable, and easy to use clamps, diamond-braided stringline, rods, and more for over 30 years. Anvil American's products are compatible with several pavers, including Power Curber and Power Pavers.

To discuss the right concrete curb and road paving equipment for your needs, contact us.