Mobile Excavators

Amaco was started with the Gradall telescopic boom excavator account. For added value, superior technology, and a machine that gives you an operational advantage, consider what Gradall can do for you.

Unlike conventional boom-and-stick excavators, Gradall's mimic the precise movements of the human arm and hand. The machines have a comparatively lower center of gravity that improves productivity and operator safety, while the telescopic boom is safer where overhead obstructions exist. This makes them ideal for use near hydro lines and under bridges or other low clearance applications.

Gradall telescopic boom models can simply outperform knuckle-style excavators in many public works and construction operations. The most useful models Amaco distributes are the highway speed models that get to the jobsite at top road speed. This allows you to travel from site to site without a float trailer or move with your crew to the jobsite location at the same time, maximizing your available work time.

With over 60 years of experience, Gradall has a variety of mobile and crawler models and application-specific attachments suitable for a variety of needs. You can find a complete list of options on our Gradall manufacturer page.

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Note: Special-built models are available for industrial furnace maintenance, mine scaling, rail car unloading, and in-hold ship unloading.

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