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Atib Hydraulic Electromagnets With Teeth

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Atib Magnetics, a leading manufacturer of high-quality electromagnets, manufactures industrial magnets that are essential for recycling ferrous materials. Atib Magnetics has created a versatile line of electromagnets that can be installed on many types of machinery used in demolition and scrap sites.

Electromagnets made by Atib Magnetics are made in Italy and are designed to be mounted on the most common construction equipment. Available in both hydraulic and electric, these magnets are invaluable for industrial demolition, recycling, crushing and screening, and scrap yards.

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Products include:

  • Hydraulic magnets with teeth
  • Hydraulic magnets with plate
  • Hydraulic magnets with chain
  • Low voltage magnets
  • 220V electromagnets
  • Magnets with built-in battery

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