Public Works Contracting

Maintenance work for municipalities, campuses, factories, and other outdoor facilities can require a whole fleet of expensive, specialized machines. A multi-purpose tractor that can switch between applications is a smarter, more cost-effective option – and it's practical for all season work!

If versatility is your goal, Amaco has recently partnered with Multihog, Dundalk Ireland’s multi-purpose tractor company. Multihog vehicles come in a variety of sizes, weights, and carrying capacities and boast diesel engines ranging from 55HP to 150HP.

With Multihog, operators can use their tractors for year-round applications such as:

Summer mowing
Construction milling
Winter plowing and spreading
Pathway clearance
Interlocking sweeping
Litter vacuuming
Boom mowing
And more

When it comes to machine maintenance, Multihog makes service checks and application swapping quick and easy. Speedily remove front attachments, tip up the operator cabin, pop open the rear panels, and get started whenever you need to.

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