Winter Control Spreaders

Winter road maintenance is a challenge across Ontario. Due to increasing costs and environmental considerations, municipalities and municipal contractors need to find versatile, reliable, and durable equipment. With all of these characteristics in mind, Amaco has been a proud distributor of Aebi-Schmidt plows and material spreaders since 2005.

Whether you need a fleet or a single spreader, Aebi-Schmidt has a proven solution. When you need dependable de-icing, Stratos spreaders can allow for the economical and precise application of salt compared to more conventional side discharge spreaders. Affordable in terms of both upfront and ongoing operating costs, these spreaders are available in permanent mount or slip-in designs.

Aebi-Schmidt snow plow models come in a variety of light and heavy duty options, with multi-section plow blades for obstacle avoidance and superior road clearing.

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