Power Curbers & Power Pavers

Power Curbers & Power Pavers manufacture new and reconditioned concrete paving equipment, texture curing machines, form pavers, and spreaders. Amaco has been a Power Curbers & Power Pavers distributor since 1996.

This company excels at creating quick mold switchout with their world-class 5700-D, which can handle many different slipform jobs with only one main machine platform!

No matter what concrete job you throw at them, Power Curbers & Power Pavers machines will provide superior application-by-application returns for the modern contractor or municipality looking for added value.

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Products include:

  • Small pull extruder
  • Curb machines
  • Concrete paver
  • Concrete place-spreader

Need stringline kits for your next paving job? We proudly distribute Anvil American.

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Power Curber Chart