Compact Mobile Recycling Impactors

There’s nothing that says ‘power’ more than the pulverizing force of an impact crusher. The recycling impactors we offer are powerful, compact, and are easily transportable – no special permits needed.

Better yet, these impactors have brawn and brains. With built-in digital tracking technology, you’ll be able to monitor the machines’ status in real time, get flagged with any maintenance warnings, and quickly diagnose any issues if downtime does occur. While these beasts are extremely energy efficient, they have the strength to crush any material from concrete with rebar to natural rock and asphalt - you might be surprised by what they can handle.

We’ve been working with some of the best recycling impactor manufacturers in the industry, including Rubble Master. With an extensive line of crushers and screeners, they’ll help drive cost-effectiveness, quality, reliability, and reduce waste in your heavy fleet.

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