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Amaco is proud to partner with Sewer Pro Shop, one of the leading distributorssewer pro shop sewer and watermain products of innovative sewer cleaning equipment worldwide. Their precision-engineered products, manufactured in Germany to ISO EN 9001:2008 standards, boost productivity in the sewer and watermain maintenance industry while minimizing operational costs.

Most Sewer Pro Shop nozzles are manufactured from one solid piece,  not two pieces bolted together, so nozzle head integrity, safety, and long service life are ensured.

Sewer Pro Shop offers an extensive range of sewer cleaning equipment, including nozzles, chain cutters, milling cutters, and specialty tools. Their nozzles, designed with optimized 3D hydro mechanics technology, clean exceptionally well and can even use recycled water – a great green choice for your business. These nozzles have been designed to fit our Vacall line and all other manufacturer models. No matter the truck you operate, we have a solution for your application. 

Sewer Pro Shop’s products are all about helping you tackle cleaning challenges easily and affordably.

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Products include:

  • Nozzles
  • Milling Cutters
  • Specialty Nozzles
  • Chain Cutters
  • Tiger Tails

Curious to learn more about these amazing products? Download the Sewer Pro Shop product catalogue for product specifications, and explore the Sewer Pro Shop product seminar to see the different uses for each product.

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