Multi-Purpose Tractors

Municipalities, facilities, and road construction companies can trust Multihog tractors for their many operations and maintenance tasks. Established in 2008 and located in Dundalk, Ireland, Multihog’s motto is “One Machine, One Driver, Endless Applications”.

With over 40 applications and growing, including snow clearing, lawn maintenance, sweeping, and garbage collection, these all-season vehicles are versatile and cost-efficient. Multihog has six vehicle options, ranging from their compact CX55 to their 100/150HP MH models. They offer models to fit every budget and intended application.

A tractor’s value is its potential for multi-season use, with a variety of attachments that allow the single carrier to perform a number of tasks for your organization. As well, our industry standard three point hitch eliminates the need to source attachments through a tractor supplier only, as you will have the ability to use a variety of attachments through various manufacturers.

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Application types:

  • Municipal snow cleaning
  • Facilities management
  • Municipal service companies
  • Road maintenance and construction
  • Lawn mowing

Models include:

  • CX 55
  • CX 75
  • MXC LP
  • MXC
  • MX
  • MH

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