2021 XL 4100 V Highway Speed Wheeled Excavator – 001044

Gradall’s full-tilting, telescoping, triangular boom is a legend in the industry, precisely positioning attachments to duplicate the work of a backhoe, grader, excavator, crane and many other machines. The entire boom tilts 220°, to precisely create grades and position material, or demolish bridges and foundations. Because the entire boom tilts, there’s no loss of power typical with boom-end tilt devices.

The unique boom design also delivers full crowd force power throughout the entire dig cycle – a huge advantage over knuckle booms that suffer from a severe reduction in force at stick angles over 90°. The Gradall boom delivers full power at every angle, while conventional knuckle booms have full power only in the middle of a dig cycle.

With a low profile, Gradall excavators can work in tunnels, under bridges, beneath tree branches and on the ground floors of multi-story buildings where knuckle booms just won’t fit.

    • Full boom tilts 220° without loss of bucket force power
    • Highly efficient bucket angles for sloping, grading, spreading material
    • Two overlapping triangular sections telescope rather than articulate into position
    • Dig down at a 75° angle
    • Raise up for truck loading ƒLow profile allows for work in tunnels and under bridges
    • During the entire dig cycle, the full boom is in full view from the operator cab

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