The construction season is starting, which means it’s time to either make sure your fleet is in shape for the upcoming projects or consider acquisitions to improve productivity. Hand-forming curbs may have worked in the past but with increased workload potential, it’s time to consider an upgrade.

The Power Curber 5700 series class of machines are the number one selling curb and gutter machines in the world. Built with superior engineering and design, they’re technologically advanced and provide more benefits than hand-forming operations.

By including a new Power Curber in your fleet, you will be optimizing your operations with advanced industry technology and providing a versatile, safe, and straightforward machine to use by your employees – all while expanding your company’s operations and future projects.

Operation Benefits

The 5700-D Power Curber can be equipped with a quick mold switchout system to easily handle different slipform jobs, enabling you to pour several profiles quickly with only one machine on site.

The speed and efficiency of the Power Curber allows you to up to triple a day’s hand production, allowing more productivity and reduced cost.

Repairs and adjustments on the machine are straightforward, with matching etching on wires and parts for easy identification. These markings allow your team to easily understand wiring locations, preventing any errors.

The 5700-D offers unparalleled machine and crew visibility, providing a safe and efficient workspace.

User-Friendly and Comfortable

Power Curbers introduced new features to increase comfort and ease of use for the machine operator.

The engine compartment and console now have an air gap to prevent heat transfer, keeping the operator comfortable and preventing overheating.

A toolbox is now located on the side for employees to have an accessible place to put their tools. It also has an added hook on the charge hopper for the chute man’s shovel, which helps assist in the safety and speed of jobs.

Power Curbers also replaced the steel operator console cover lid with an aluminum version to make sure operators can secure the machine safely and with ease.

Control Panel Updates

The operator panel has been updated in the 5700-D model with a SlipSmart control system that is more accurate and assists in improving cross-slope control. The SlipSmart control system also includes a simpler integration with Topcon, Leica, and Trimble 3-D control systems for stringless operations.

Power Curbers has also introduced some new weatherproof knobs and switches to the 5700-D control panel. A new trimmer control lamp has been integrated for an easy visual on whether the trimmer is engaged or not, and you are now able to lower or raise all posts as needed with an all-up jog switch.

The control panel also features an added master vibrator control knob that controls hydraulic flow to all vibrators with one knob, while individual knobs remain relative to one another.

ConnectSmart Telematics System

Power Curbers has introduced a new ConnectSmart Telematics system for their machines that allows you to see machine operating variables in real-time. The system features a dashboard that you can open via web browser or mobile app.

The dashboard allows you to see the live location of your equipment and sends immediate alerts if it is not where it is meant to be.

 It also shows the current status of your tools, including equipment hours, live engine outputs, and activation and deactivation of vibrators. These updates also feature error codes that can assist in troubleshooting any issues your machine may have.

Expanding Horizons Beyond the Curb

Optional add-ons to the Power Curber 5700-D expand your job capabilities and customize to the work that you’re completing.

Added features like the low-pressure water pump and mold misting kit allow you to reduce labour hand misting and finishing curbs. Auxiliary water tanks can also be added to the machine to provide additional water for cleaning or concrete mix adjustment.

Tools like the sidewalk/ditch mold mounting kit, barrier/parapet mold mounting kit, barrier mold lift kit, and parapet sensor mounting kit allow your Power Curber to grow in use. Take on more jobs for your clients and expand your business with these tools at your side.

Additional kits can also interface advanced GPS and 3-D controls to your machine.

Stable and Reliable Machine

Because of the 5700-D’s low centre of gravity, it is stable on rough terrain, ensuring consistency when pouring.  It is also compact enough to fit into cul-de-sacs, islands, and tight parking lot corners without fuss, allowing for easy positioning of the ready-mix trucks.

By implementing forward-thinking technologies into your fleet, you will keep up to date with machine advancements and offer a tool with superior capabilities.

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Jeff MacDonald