Astec is renowned for its pioneering technology and robust equipment in the heavy construction sector. Their full range of products for the crushing and screening indistry are pivotal in boosting productivity and reducing operational costs. At Amaco, we’re proud to spotlight our latest lineup of Astec machines, each designed to meet the complex demands of today’s construction projects.

Astec’s Commitment to Innovation

Choosing Astec equipment means tapping into a legacy of innovation and reliability. Astec stands out for its groundbreaking technology and sturdy construction equipment, continuously raising the bar for efficiency and performance across the industry.

Astec’s relentless pursuit of innovation and reliablity manifests itself in each piece of equipment they craft. Their machines are not just built but thoughtfully engineered with cutting-edge features that boost productivity and operational effectiveness. Their reputation for reliability is bolstered by their durable designs and rigorous testing processes, ensuring that every piece of equipment is ready to perform in the toughest conditions.

This commitment to innovation is matched by a strong dedication to sustainability—every Astec machine is designed with the environment in mind. By integrating eco-friendly practices and technologies, Astec ensures that its equipment is as responsible as it is powerful, making it an exemplary choice for any fleet looking to make a positive impact without compromising on performance.

Spotlight on Astec Equipment

Astec’s reputation for manufacturing durable and advanced engineering equipment shines brightly in their products. Each model showcases specific features designed for high efficiency and performance. Here’s a closer look at the standout models available through Amaco:

2023 ASTEC (KPI) FT2650 Track Mounted Jaw Crusher: Dubbed the most powerful and useful track jaw plant on the market, the Pioneer® Jaw Crusher is engineered to be the highest capacity jaw crusher available, delivering up to 25 percent more tons per hour than comparable jaw crushers. This powerhouse is perfect for large-scale operations, ensuring robust and efficient processing. The FT2650 is easily able to be fed by either an excavator or loader.


2023 ASTEC (KPI) FT4250CC Track Mounted Closed Circuit Impact Crusher: Recognized as the most powerful and useful track impactor plant available, this crusher is engineered to provide one of the highest capacities among impact crushers. It features a large capacity 5′ x 16′ two-deck screen and a 42″ x 50″ wide impactor capable of tremendous production across a wide variety of materials, making it a versatile asset for any project.


2024 ASTEC (JCI) / VALE 6×20 3 Deck Portable Screening Plant with Overhead Feed Conveyor: Now available at Amaco, this industry-leading JCI three-shaft Astec 6′ x 20′ 3-deck horizontal screen is mounted on a Vale Industries-built triple axle chassis. It comes equipped with a 575V power supply and includes an overhead feed conveyor and side discharge conveyors. This plant is available for sale or rent and is ideal for multi-stage crushing and screening processes.


Currently on Order:

2024 ASTEC (KPI) CS3055 Portable Electric Wheeled Jaw Plant: A favourite among Ontario aggregate producers, the Astec (KPI / Pioneer) CS3055 Jaw Plant features the legendary 30″ x 55″ Pioneer Jaw crusher. Accompanied by a 50″ x 20′ vibratory feeder, an extended 48″ end delivery conveyor, and quad axle suspension, this plant is built to deliver in demanding environments.


2024 Astec Series 33 36” x 150” Telescopic Super Stacker: A new addition to the lineup, this Super Stacker is essential for building desegregated stockpiles and ensuring product quality. It’s equipped with all standard features, including 575V power, a walking beam travel axle for enhanced mobility, impact idlers for durability, CEMA C rubber disc return idlers, and a robust Grade 2 3-ply belt.


2024 Astec Series 13 36” x 125’ Portable Stacking Conveyor: Equipped with all standard equipment including 575V power, a Belt Cleaner – Martin with tensioner, and a Rock Box Hopper, this portable conveyor is a powerhouse in material handling. Its durability is enhanced with a ¼” (6 mm) AR 400 AR Liner, making it a reliable and efficient solution for managing materials across various industries. Built by Astec, known for quality, this conveyor optimizes operational flow and is an indispensable asset on any job site.


These models represent just a fraction of what Astec offers but highlight the company’s commitment to delivering superior and environmentally conscious solutions to the construction industry. Each piece of equipment is a testament to Astec’s dedication to innovation, performance, and sustainability.

Benefits of Crushing and Screening with Astec Equipment

Choosing Astec equipment for your crushing and screening operations not only boosts efficiency but transforms how you manage your projects. With state-of-the-art digital controls and automated systems, Astec reduces the need for manual intervention, making operations smoother and faster. This technology integration enhances productivity and significantly cuts downtime and operational costs, ensuring a robust return on your investment. Additionally, Astec’s commitment to sustainability means each model is designed with environmental consciousness, featuring advanced emission controls and energy-efficient designs that help minimize your ecological footprint.

Astec equipment also offers unparalleled versatility, meeting the needs of various industries including road maintenance, paving, mining, and recycling. Whether you’re processing stone, recycling materials, or laying down a new road, Astec machines are built to adapt and excel. This versatility makes Astec equipment an indispensable asset for a wide array of project requirements, positioning your business as a leader in a competitive industry with a future-proof solution.

Discover Astec’s Innovations with Amaco

Amaco’s dedication to offering state-of-the-art construction solutions is exemplified in our partnership with Astec. We provide flexible acquisition options, including rentals, lease-to-purchase, and direct sales, ensuring you have access to top-tier equipment whenever you need it.

Amaco’s team of experts is always ready to provide timely assistance, parts replacement, and operational guidance, ensuring that you maximize your investment in Astec technology and maintain productivity without interruption.

Explore the transformative potential of Astec machinery in your projects by visiting our inventory page. For detailed information or to arrange a demonstration, connect with Jamie Armstrong, Vice President – Sales, through our contact page.

Jeff MacDonald