Emergencies happen, and as cities and towns across Ontario receive severe thunderstorm warnings throughout the summer, municipalities and contractors alike should have a trusted machine in their fleet that can be used for storm recovery needs. Last summer, Gradall introduced their Storm Recovery Series. In this blog, we outline why the Gradall XL 4100V model is included in this series for any natural disaster recovery needs.

Travel at Highway Speed

It’s critical clean-ups after disasters and storms are completed quickly. The Gradall XL 4100V model is a highway speed excavator. It can reach highway speeds up to 96km/hr., meaning your team will spend less time traveling to and from locations and more time on the job site. Time is also reduced with highway speed excavators as lowboy trailers are not required to transport the machine.

Increase Precision with the Telescopic Boom

Whether your team needs to clean up residential debris or remove fallen trees, you can rely on the XL 4100V’s telescopic boom for precision and control. No worries as with conventional excavators with overhead obstructions – the Gradall boom reached in and performs the work.

Superior Control

The range of motion mimics the human arm, providing superior control. The telescopic boom is perfect for working under trees, bridge signs, ground floors, and multi-story buildings where conventional knuckle booms won’t fit.

Unmatched Reach, Power, and Lift

The 360-degree rotating telescopic boom design is powered by an advanced high-pressure hydraulics system. It allows full power at any boom angle, compared to a knuckle boom design that reduces force at stick angles over 90-degrees. The boom also uses bolt-on buckets rather than a twist-o-wrist, which are weaker, reduce dig force, and require more maintenance.

Increased Safety and Visibility

With the highest point of the machine located behind the operator, operators can see the full length of the boom while it’s working, allowing for more visibility that keeps workers safe. 

Multiple Attachments with Auxiliary Hydraulics

Boom-end auxiliary hydraulics in Gradall machines extends the range of options for additional attachments, meaning your job can be completed using just one machine. These attachments include:

  • Fixed-thumb grapples
  • Tree limb shears
  • Boom extensions and buckets
  • Hydraulic hammers

The boom extensions and buckets are especially useful in collecting tree limbs and trunks, rocks, and building materials.

In addition to time efficiency, precision, and versatility, Gradall machines have an average service life of 12-15+ years.

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