When taking on municipal works projects like roadside cleaning or contract work for highway maintenance, having the right tools on hand will give you a leg up above your competitors.

Diamond Mowers are Amaco’s top pick for mowers and mowing attachments thanks to their durability, optimized efficiency, and variety of options.

Diamond Mowers offers properly fitted solutions for boom mowers, excavators and skid-steer attachments, with options perfectly matched to your use. There are a variety of sizes and models of mowers to fit many popular machines, letting you maximize your equipment use with the right cutting tools.

By picking a Diamond Mower, you can tackle heavy-duty projects with ease.

What Makes Diamond Mowers Great?

Diamond Mowers offer a multitude of options and features that set them apart from other manufacturers.

Optimized Purpose and Durability

All Diamond Mowers shells are constructed of 100,000 PSI steel housing that is nearly three times stronger than standard A36 steel. This means your equipment withstands more and is less likely to get damaged.

The boom mowers also offer hydraulic actuators with breakaway protection in both forward and reverse motion, offering a larger range of motion than a traditional swing cylinder while using fewer moving parts for easy maintenance.  This large range of motion means that a Diamond Mowers boom is far less likely to be damaged during use than swing-cylinder-driven solutions.

Attachment Versatility

Boom mowers can be attached to front end loaders, and tractors as mid-mount fixed or rear three-point hitch attachment booms, meaning you can find a solution given your available machine carrier model.

Mid-mount booms should be selected when the application calls for full-time use.  The combination of operator ergonomics and robust design make this the product of choice for most municipalities and contractors.

The 3-point hitch boom is the preferred solution when a customer needs to use the tractor for many different jobs because the boom system can easily be removed from the tractor.  The trade-off for this versatility is ergonomics – the cutter head is always positioned behind the operator, so this solution is not recommended for full-time use.

The wheel loader boom offers fleet managers the opportunity to put their wheel loaders to work in the summer, when many loaders are idled in northern climates. This product offers the best of both worlds, with class-leading operator visibility and increased asset utilization.

Diamond Mowers offer boom lengths up to 30’ that provide superior visibility due to an elevated operator position.

Skid-steer attachments from Diamond Mowers can be enhanced with a command coupler that improves attachment performance and reduces downtime. The coupler eliminates the need for hydraulic coupler replacements, eliminates brinelling, helps resists the pushing and pulling of hydraulic lines, and can connect under pressure to increase equipment safety and optimize uptime.

Operator Benefits

Operators enjoy the clear, easy-to-read gauge indicators on Diamond Mowers machines. These indicators keep operators informed of all facets of the machine quickly and provide clear information about problems before they arise.

Operators can also use the ergonomically-designed 4&5 function proportional control joystick that improves reaction time.

How Can I Customize My Mower?

Diamond Mowers offers several mowers in different sizes, allowing you to pick the right options for the work that you’re doing. Different projects require different sized tools, and this is no exception.

By offering boom mower attachments for both tractors and wheel loaders as well as skid-steer and excavator attachments, you can personalize your fleet – never worry about whether you have the right equipment.

Wheel loader boom mowers by Diamond Mowers can be either loader powered or self-contained, allowing you to purchase and use a boom mower even if you don’t have the power in your current equipment to make it run.

Skid-steer attachments can connect with both standard flow and high-flow hydraulic machines, so you have options that best suit your current available equipment.

Diamond Mowers offers several different attachments that let you customize your tools for the projects you work on. Clean ditches, clean and mulch dense vegetation from roadsides, or create a finished, manicured look while mowing on an angle with the available tools.

What Types of Mowers Can I Choose From?

The mower you choose depends on the type of project you’re working on. Consider different mower attachments to decide which best fits the work your business completes on a regular basis.

Boom Mowers

Rotary Mowers

  • Available in 50” and 60” cutting width

Rotary mowers are best used for clearing overgrown brush, grass, and trees. They use large, heavy blades designed for power over precision. Diamond Mowers have an exclusive Tri-Hex disc that offers greater durability in tough conditions.

Flail Mowers

  • Available in 44” and 50” brush cutting width; 63” grass cutting width

Flail mowers are best used for mowing grass of various heights. They use small knives that spin around a long shaft, cutting down and shredding material, leaving a finished look in its path.  These are the mowers of choice when mowing along busy roads and next to more populated areas.

Forestry Disc Mulcher

  • Available in 36” cutting width

Forestry disc mulchers are made for breaking down and mulching overgrown brush and trees. The mulcher is 10 times faster than a rotary mower at breaking down trees and vegetation. Diamond Mowers disc mulchers are made of hardened steel and use replaceable teeth.

Saw Blade

  • Available in 48” width

Saw blades are used to cut down trees and other forestry, and leave a clean, finished cut behind. Diamond Mowers blades can cut materials up to 10” thick.


  • Available in 22” width

If you’re working in municipal works and looking for an efficient way to clean ditches and side roads to avoid flooding and improve cleanliness, the ditcher is the right tool for you. The Diamond Mowers ditcher uses three 3/8” thick replaceable knives to break up material and features a hydraulic chute to direct material out and away from the mower.

Skid-Steer Attachments


  • Available in drum and disc mulcher options
  • Drums available in 60” and 72” width; Disc available in 48” and 60” width

Drum and disc mulchers are ideal for grinding down trees and brush into mulch while clearing land and managing vegetation. Depending on the model, mulchers can grind trees up to 9” in diameter and cut up to 14” diameter trees.

Brush Cutter

  • Available in 60”, 72”, and 84” width

Brush cutters are a versatile tool for breaking down small materials like thick grass and brush. The Diamond Mowers brush cutter can effectively cut material up to 10” in diameter.

Stump Grinder

  • Available in 24” and 26” wheel diameter

Stump grinders are ideal for clearing any stumps below ground level. Diamond Mowers stump grinders feature cutting teeth on both sides of the grinding wheel and can grind stumps of any size.

For more information on each of the attachments, check out this boom mower spec sheet or visit the Diamond Mower’s website for information about skid-steer attachments. If you need assistance in finding the right mower attachment or deciding which mower is best for you, contact us for expert advice.

Jeff MacDonald