For years, the Power Curber 5700-C has been the premier curb & gutter machine in the industry. It’s compact size, versatility, and power has helped to boost the productivity of curb and gutter, highway safety barrier, and sidewalk projects for years. With the 5700-C being the #1 selling curb and gutter machine in the world, it’s no surprise that now that Power Curber has announced the release of a new and improved concrete slipform machine, contractors are eager to learn more.

And as always, Amaco will be one of the leading providers of updates, and of this much-anticipated new machine.

The Newly Upgraded Power Curber 5700-D

The upgraded Power Curber 5700-D model will include much of the same familiar and desired functionality and features of its predecessor, but with some significant improvements for even more increased efficiency and precision.

The 5700-D is billed as the most responsive curb and gutter machine of its kind. It comes with SlipSmart controls, which easily interface with Leica, Topcon, and Trimble 3-D/Stringless systems. Other features and benefits include:

  • An “all up” jog switch that can raise or lower all crawler posts simultaneously.
  • Improved cross-slope control.
  • New vibrator master scaling knobs that permit the operator to increase or diminish vibration (as well as individual vibrator adjustments).
  • Auto-calibration for radius steer sensors.
  • Easy-pivot conveyor.
  • Fine scaling of speed spots.
  • Re-engineered door latches, including a lower latch that makes it easier to access the engine.
  • Wires with clear etching to match the machine schematics.
  • Wand-activated high-pressure water system.
  • A cold air dam between the console and engine to keep the operator cooler.
  • Shovel holders conveniently located at the conveyor.
  • Improvements to optional equipment, including new canopies, enhanced barrier lift kit, and improved low-pressure water system.

As Power Curbers always do, the 5700-D will excel in sidewalk, curbing, ditches, barrier, paving, tunnel, agricultural, and other specialized applications.

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