In the bustling realm of underground construction and municipal operations, managing sewer and watermain systems is undeniably intricate. Aging equipment, budget constraints, and other challenges often hamper the process. However, innovation is on the horizon: Vacall equipment from Amaco.

Facing the Challenges Head-On with Vacall

Amaco has always been dedicated to offering high-quality machinery tailored to the diverse needs of public works and municipalities in Ontario. By partnering with Vacall, Amaco ensures you receive top-tier machinery built on the principles of sustainability, productivity, and efficiency.

Why Choose Vacall?

  • Productivity & Efficiency: Vacall machines are not just about doing the job but doing it well. Every feature and design decision is rooted in enhancing user experience and performance.
  • Trusted Heritage: Built on the esteemed legacy of the Gradall brand, Vacall stands tall on the global stage, renowned for its commitment to quality which includes a lifetime warranty on the water tanks!
  • Vacall Green That Works: Sustainability isn’t a buzzword for Vacall; it’s a promise. Features like the singular engine and smaller size lower emissions and reduce noise to make sure your business saves on multiple fronts, from fuel to maintenance.
  • Intelligent Control with AllSmartFlow: Modern problems require modern solutions. The AllSmartFlow CANbus Smart Controls System is a testament to this philosophy. Whether it’s adjusting water flow, monitoring vacuum usage, or ensuring precise boom and reel positioning, this system has got you covered.
  • Optional Features to Fit Your Needs: Every municipality has unique needs. Recognizing this, most Vacall models are customizable, from water tank sizes to the innovative Vacall Recycler, which recycles and filters water from sewer lines for jetting to help you save on water consumption.
  • Amaco one-stop nozzles: Amaco has also partnered with Sewer Pro Shop for a wide rage of reliable nozzles for multiple applications.

Vacall Machines: Tailored for Your Needs

Combination Sewer Cleaners

  • Multifunctionality at its Best: With high-pressure water jetting and vacuum tools, these machines are built to clean and maintain sewer systems thoroughly.
  • Performance Metrics: Their blowers showcase vacuum power between 16 to 27 inches Hg. Jet pressures reach up to 3000 PSI, with water tanks of up to 1500 gallons and debris tanks that can hold up to 12 cubic yards.
  • User-friendly Design: Features like the adjustable water jet hose reel and the AllJetVac boom ensure optimal user experience.

Truck Mounted Jetters

  • Simplistic Efficiency: Tailored for tasks where wastewater recycling isn’t required, the Vacall AllJet offers excellent power, mobility, and longevity.
  • Specifications: The truck-mounted jetter tanks have a 1600-gallon capacity, and their hydraulic triplex plunger pump delivers an impressive 87 GPM @ 2000 PSI.
  • All-Weather Design: Built to withstand all weather conditions, they come with a heater to protect essential components from freezing.

Hydro and Air Excavators

  • Precision Excavation: The AllExcavate range offers top-tier vacuum, water, and air pressure to work seamlessly around water lines, sewer lines, and other utilities.
  • Capabilities: With vacuum power ranging from 16 to 27 inches Hg and jet pressure up to 3000 PSI, these excavators are a force to reckon with. The machine tank has a debris capacity of 12 cubic yards.
  • Customization: Each model has three boom and hose options, ensuring they fit your specific needs.

Industrial Vacuum Loaders

  • Versatility Defined: Perfect for removing a wide range of materials, the AllVac handles debris from dust to thick slurries.
  • Key Features: AllVacs possess a positive displacement vacuum system, an advanced filtration system, and a debris tank with an 18 cubic yard capacity.
  • Single-Operator Design: The AllVac can be efficiently operated by just one person, making it a cost-effective option.

Catch Basin Cleaners

  • Unparalleled Performance: With a maximum airflow of 31,000 CFM, the Vacall AllCatch stands out in the catch basin cleaning segment.
  • Design Efficiency: Its hydraulic catch basin and leaf pickup intake tube can be stowed for convenience; combined with its high-performance intake, this helps ensure rapid and thorough cleaning.

Street Sweepers

  • Sweeping Redefined: Vacall SuperSweeps are designed for maximum efficiency, from milling roads to cleaning vast areas like parking lots or event venues.
  • Specifications: They boast a maximum airflow of over 33,000 CFM, a 600-gallon water tank, and a debris tank that holds up to 16 cubic yards.
  • Innovative Features: A dual brush system, full-width nozzles, and a position memory feature enhance the user experience.

Take the Next Step with Amaco

If you’re committed to transforming your municipality’s sewer and watermain maintenance regime, then Vacall is your answer. 

Are you ready to leap into the future of efficient sewer maintenance? Contact our team today, and let our representatives guide you to the perfect Vacall equipment tailored to your needs.

Jeff MacDonald