When winter’s chill arrives, it brings with it the perfect opportunity to focus on vital maintenance tasks for municipalities and other businesses like brushing and forestry trimming. These activities are instrumental in maintaining clear roads, trails, and railways, safeguarding against forest fires, and facilitating land clearing projects.  

In this article, we’ll delve into the importance of winter brushing and guide you in choosing the best tools and attachments, including boom brush cutters and brush mowers. 

Why Winter?

Winter presents a unique advantage for brushing. During this season the sap in trees and brush retreats to their roots, making it easier to cut through vegetation with minimal abrasive impact on your equipment. Additionally, by prioritizing brushingduring the winter you benefit from time and resources that are typically tied up in other projects year-round. 

Selecting the Right Brush Mower

One of the initial choices you’ll need to make for winter brushing is selecting the right brush mower. There are two main options: flail mowers and rotary mowers. 

Flail Mowers

Flail mowers are hydraulically driven cylinders with attached cutting bits that rotate at high RPM to cut through brush and wood. They are a popular choice, particularly when attached to a loader boom brush cutter or an excavator like a Gradall 

These mowers can be angled to produce a controlled stream of materials in a single direction, minimizing the risk of debris scattering during operations. For your winter brushing needs, consider Amaco’s Pro Mac brush cutters for Gradall machines and flail mowers from Diamond Mowers. 

Rotary Mowers

In contrast, rotary mowers are equipped with blades that rotate beneath a fixed head, operating similar to conventional lawn mower blades. While rotary mowers efficiently break down forestry and canopies, they tend to disperse debris over a wider area. If your preference leans toward rotary mowers, Diamond Mowers offers models in various widths. 

Your choice between flail and rotary brush mowers should align with your operational requirements. 

The Role of Boom Brush Cutters

For those seeking enhanced maneuverability and visibility during winter brushing, boom brush cutters are an invaluable addition. These versatile attachments, such as boom brush cutters from Diamond Mowers, can be used with excavators and front loaders. They allow for strategic angling of brush mowers, optimizing their performance and ensuring better control during operations. 

Choosing the Right Attachment Method

After determining your preferred brush mower, the next step is selecting the appropriate attachment method, which depends on the nature of your operations. 

Permanent Fixtures

If your plan involves year-round work, encompassing brush trimming and breakdown in winter and mowing during the summer at various locations, a permanent fixture is an excellent choice. This option ensures that the attachment remains in place for consistent use. 


Alternatively, if your operations demand flexibility and require you to attach and detach equipment as needed, removable attachments are the way to go. Diamond Mowers’ boom mowers provide an ideal attachment option for those seeking adaptability, as well as using Gradall excavators alongside mowing attachments. These tools equip you with ease of maneuverability and strategic mower angling alongside optimal visibility while mowing.  

Rely on Amaco for Your Brushing Needs

Winter is the perfect time for brush removal, brush clearing, and forestry trimming. By choosing the right brush mower and attachment method for your operations you enhance efficiency, safety, and visibility during the winter season and beyond.

Amaco is dedicated to offering knowledge and expertise to provide customers with the best tools tailored to their specific requirements. Our range of brush mowers, boom brush cutters, and attachment options caters to municipalities and businesses, ensuring you can make the most of your winter brushing operations.  

Are you interested in a new brush mower attachment for your operations? Contact Amaco today, and we’ll help you determine the ideal tools for your winter brush maintenance. 

Jeff MacDonald