Ensuring our roadsides are safely and beautifully maintained is a pivotal task that demands precision, efficiency, and the right equipment. With Amaco’s expertise and Diamond Mowers’ top-of-the-line equipment, we’re here to guide you through the essentials of roadside mowing, offering insights into selecting the perfect tools and attachments for the job.


Selecting the Right Roadside Mower


Top Cut Mowing

Mowing grass beside roads goes beyond mere trimming; it’s about defining the roadway, ensuring visibility for drivers, and enhancing the area’s aesthetics. Diamond Mowers’ Flail Mowers are specifically designed for this purpose, available in 44” and 50” widths for brush cutting and a 63” model for grass. These mowers allow for close, safe cutting beside the road, marrying efficiency with meticulousness.


Bridge and Overpass Mowing

Specialized equipment is necessary for maintaining the areas around bridges and overpasses, where reach and maneuverability become paramount. Diamond Mowers’ Boom Mowers, with boom lengths extending up to 30 feet, cater to this need seamlessly. They not only ensure enhanced visibility but also offer an elevated operator position for a comprehensive view, making maintenance both safer and more thorough.



Ditch maintenance is crucial for effective drainage and preserving the integrity of the roadside. Diamond Mowers’ ditchers, featuring three 3/9” thick replaceable knives and a hydraulic chute, are engineered to tackle uneven terrain and efficiently clear ditches. This capability is essential for avoiding water accumulation and safeguarding the roadside’s structure.


Brush and Branch Trimming

When it comes to dense brush and branches, Diamond Mowers’ drum and disc mulchers prove invaluable. These powerful tools can grind down trees up to 9″ in diameter (with certain models capable of handling up to 14″), and are available in 60″ and 72″ widths, with disc options in 48″ and 60″. They efficiently transform challenging vegetation into mulch, making land clearing and vegetation management tasks more manageable.


Selecting the Right Carrier Vehicle and Attachment Method

Choosing the appropriate carrier vehicle and attachment method is just as crucial for efficient and effective roadside maintenance.

Whether it’s a tractor for its versatility, a skid steer or loader for heavy lifting and precision, or an excavator for exceptional reach and power, the right vehicle can significantly impact productivity.

Similarly, the choice between permanent mounts and attachable options depends on the frequency and nature of the tasks at hand, with permanent mounts suited for dedicated use and attachable options offering flexibility for occasional or seasonal work.


Your One-Stop Shop for Roadside Maintenance

At Amaco, we recognize the critical nature of having dependable, effective tools for roadside maintenance. We specialize in matching the right combination of vehicle, attachment method (including rear swing, tow-behind, excavator-mounted, rear booms, and 3 -point hitch booms), and mowing equipment to your specific needs, ensuring optimal performance and results.

Are you in search of the perfect mower, vehicle, and attachment for your roadside maintenance needs? Contact Amaco today for more information, or call us to make a purchase today.

Jeff MacDonald