Are You Willing to Adopt the Future of Heavy Industry? You Should Be

Automation is spreading across the heavy equipment industry and its effects are already apparent in multiple sectors.

Back in 2012, Amaco sold one of the first 3D mapping automated Power Curber 5700-D units in Ontario to Thorncrete Construction Inc., and it was featured in Power Curber’s newsletter.

In the Power Curbers & Power Pavers article, titled “Where’s the Stringline,” Ross Ruscica, one of the two brother-owners of Thorncrete Construction Ltd, praised their new 5700-D Power Curber and its 3D geospatial automation technology, stating “The 5700-D with GPS control has elevated Thorncrete from our local competitors since going stringless.”

Ross Ruscica continued, “We recognize the need to change and move to a new technology, and Power Curbers was there and ready.”

Up until automation progressed, stringline was an essential means of contouring the pavers’ movement. With the introduction of the automation suite, Thorncrete removed the need for stringline with geospatial and gradient mapping, making operations a matter of digital accuracy rather than analog preparation.

When you consider how competitive the concrete paving industry is, the availability of technology, and the performance improvements thanks to automation, Thorncrete’s adoption of this technology represents the promising new reality of automated machine solutions. Since then, they have purchase two more 5700’s with automation technology.

But, this success is more impactful than just changing traditional preparation activities on a jobsite. Automation is changing heavy equipment business; it’s less a matter of if you will adopt, and more about when and the when should be now.

Before automation becomes the industry standard, you can get ahead of your competitors or risk being an analog company in the digital era.

Early adoption of automation can reduce risk and improve business results. Rather than being forced to change, evolving your business into a lean operation will maximize its long-term viability and keep you ahead of the competition.

I encourage you to read this article, while keeping your industry and competitors in mind – and look at the potential this technology represents.

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