On a site bustling with heavy machinery and other potential dangers, accumulative hazards like dust and particulate matter may get overlooked.

Fortunately, dust suppression cannons can keep your employees safe by mitigating dust and odours, helping you manage dust suppression, and protecting your other equipment while only taking up a small space in your fleet.

HKD Blue dust suppression cannons are particularly mobile, offering an environmentally efficient performance without the logistical hassle.

With HKD Blue’s cannons you can save money on cleanup while protecting your employees and the neighboring community. Businesses, schools, airports, residences, and transportation routes nearby will be protected from any dust emissions, and your company’s public profile will be elevated.

While a small part of the fleet, dust suppression cannons are an important part of keeping your employees safe and mitigating fugitive dust and odour. But what sets the HKD Blue dust suppression cannon apart from other available methods of suppression?

More for Less

HKD Blue dust suppression cannons do more for less. The atomized mist generated by HKD Blue equipment boasts smaller droplet sizes that capture more dust and uses less water when compared to a hose.

This atomized mist can be projected up to 250 feet, providing an area of coverage of up to 180,000 square feet thanks to the proprietary central nozzle.

HKD Blue is also amenable to your specific requirements with a unique set of tools that can match any of your fleet’s needs.

Need something for dust control on a short range? HKD Blue has options available, including a geyser attachment that mounts directly to your excavator. This geyser allows you to cut off dust production at its source. Besides the technical proficiency and adaptability provided by HKD Blue, its dust suppression cannons also offer ease of use.

Easy to Use

The HKD Blue nozzle frees your team members from having to use a hose by offering a nozzle and mist ring which can be adjusted by remote control.

With this tool you get a custom control of pattern and direction over the mist while saving on labour costs. The remote control can be used from up to 1,000 feet away, allowing you to manage oscillation, spray angle, water flow, and more from a safe and ergonomic distance.

The VT-400 GT from HKD Blue only needs a quick connection to a water source to get the job done – no tangled cables or dangers from faulty lines getting soaked. This further guarantees employee safety.

The Risk of Hose in Hand Options

The alternative to using an HKD Blue dust suppression cannon would be to have your crew working under the kind of “hose in hand” strategies that only manage dust at close range and possibly expose them to particulate matter, harmful odours, and dangerous work being completed nearby.

“Hose in hand” methods also run the risks associated with unsafe work conditions because large droplet sizes aren’t capable of eliminating dust and particles at large demolition sites, aggregate facilities, scrap yards, and elsewhere.

The safe choice is to take on dust easily from afar with an HKD Blue dust suppression cannon.

For more information about HKD Blue or to inquire about purchasing a dust suppression cannon for your fleet, contact Amaco today!

Jeff MacDonald