Screencore Compact Mobiles are well known for their innovative design and high performance. Designers of compact stackers, screening plants, and other crushing and screening units, Screencore manufactures units that can be easily transported without compromising performance.

Adding a Screencore to your fleet ensures high performance, quality, and highly mobile self-powered units that can easily be moved to, and on-site when you need them.

Manufacturer Features

If you’re looking for an efficient and effective way to screen and move gravel, sand, or mineral products, look no further than the Screencore line of track-mounted plants and stackers. These track mounted machines provide a compact design that allows them to be easily moved on site, making them an excellent option for construction, recycling, topsoil, mulch, and industrial sites.

Screencore equipment is compact enough to be folded into a shipping container with hydraulic folding, and requires no removal of parts in the storage process. The Trident 124 Tracked Screening Plant, can be folded to a 7’9″ width, small enough to transport without a permit.

Screencore units are also easy to move around the worksite. They’re quick and easy to set up, which means you can spend less time on preparation, and more on getting the job done efficiently.

Our Favorite Products

Trident 124 Tracked Screening Plant

The Screencore Trident 124 is a scalper screening plant that can be used with or without a crusher, making it an excellent choice for material processing operations.

The largest “containerisable” scalper on the market with a 12’ x 4’ top and bottom deck, the Trident can help you reduce your costs while improving your safety and productivity.

Designed to work before a 30-ton crusher, after a 50-ton crusher, or as a standalone unit on soil, sand and gravel, coal, overburden or demolition materials, the Trident offers a variety of use options on the worksite. It also has three different conveyors with widths of up to 40” to sort through more material.

365R Tracked Radial Stacker

Designed for convenience and capability, the Screencore 365R Tracked Radial Stacker is easy to transport and set up while offering high-quality radial stacking from a 65′ height stacker with a 36″ wide belt.

The 365R stockpiler offers several features to help customize your material movement including adjustable head and tail scrapers, a hydraulic raise and lower feed hopper, and hydraulic height adjustment with 11 presets for you to choose from. All controls are automated via remote control, ensuring safe use of the machine with functionality no matter the project you are working on.

The 365R is designed so it can fold and fit into a 40’ shipping container, allowing you to take it wherever your next remote project demands. It is our most popular radial stacker because it offers massive radial stockpiling capacity with ultimate flexibility.

Benefits of Crushing and Sorting in Different Industries

Whether you are working in road maintenance and paving, mining, or a recycling company, sorting and crushing material with your own equipment provides various benefits.

Keeping a track-mounted plant and stacker onsite allows you to sort items where they are and alleviates concern about moving materials around while saving yourself money on hiring an outside team to sort and recycle for you.

In addition to saving money on labour, keeping a track-mounted plant onsite saves time. Instead of having to wait for trucks to arrive at the site, you can process material yourself. Using your own unit instead of relying on someone else’s schedule ensures that this type of processing happens safely.

Crushing and screening units like Screencore equipment can be used not only for natural stone and recycling, but for any practice where you need to sort through product. Recycling facilities can move and screen materials, and steel mills can transport and sort through their waste products. All these industries can use crushers and screeners to sort and organize their materials with limited staffing requirements.

Read our blog on the benefits of crushing and recycling to learn more about how using these tools can help your business save money.

Screencore offers a new way of thinking about your material processing equipment. With all the benefits of a portable machine and the quality and power of top stackers and screening plants, owning a Screencore will have you wondering why you didn’t make the decision sooner.

To learn more about how Screencore Compact Mobiles can assist your company and optimize your fleet, contact us today.

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Jeff MacDonald