A Gradall Highway Speed Wheeled Excavator digs at the side of a road.When it comes to excavating, you need a machine that can get the job done quickly and effectively. Time is money, which is why Gradall’s Wheeled Excavators are designed to help you increase your productivity and accomplish more in less time.

No matter your industry, a Gradall telescopic boom wheeled excavator can provide two key benefits for any operator:

  • The unique design capabilities of the Gradall upperstructure and boom allow for reach and power productivity advantages over a wide variety of work functions.
  • The Gradall wheeled models not only provide ease of movement while at a worksite, they can also eliminate the need for float transport to and from jobsites.

The Gradall Advantage

There are several benefits that Gradall excavators offer over other wheeled excavators:

Travel at Highway Speeds

Daily productivity is greatly improved because a highway speed model travels at the same speed as the rest of the work crew – there’s no need to wait for a slower speed unit or for a trailer to arrive. Lost time is lost work!

Gradall’s Highway Speed carriers are unique in the industry, allowing for the operator to drive the unit at highway speeds (up to 95 km/h) to any site and get the job done on the same day. These models can also be repositioned from the upper cab at 8 km/h while working.

Unmatched Precise Control

Many excavation jobs require a high level of precision—no problem for Gradall. The upperstructure telescopic boom design mimics the precise movements of the human arm and hand, providing significant reach, superior control, and bucket dig forces over a wide work range and area.

Full Power at Any Boom Angle

Gradall excavators offer the same high bucket dig forces in at close range and at full reach – making it more productive over a wider work area. With 220 degree of boom tilt capability, there is no match for the Gradall Excavator.

The telescopic boom design is powered by an advanced high-pressure, load-sensing hydraulic system, delivering full power at any boom angle and through the entire dig cycle. This provides a big advantage over knuckle boom designs that suffer from a severe reduction in force at stick angles over 90°.

Quick Attachment Changes

The mechanical quick attach and reversible bucket design allow for fast attachment changes without any reduction in excavation forces. You can switch between buckets, grinder, grapple, and other attachments quickly and easily – simply slide the two wedge bolts into place and tighten.

No Outriggers Required

Anyone who has operated a wheeled excavator knows that outriggers can be a real pain. Gradall wheeled excavator models do not require outriggers for stability while working—a significant productivity and time-saving feature over any other wheeled excavator model.

The wheeled undercarriage stability allows Gradall excavators to pick and carry material and work in any direction without the use of outriggers. The highway speed model undercarriages are both stable and mobile while handling big jobs on any terrain.

Easily Navigate Around Any Site Obstructions

Every Gradall model excels on worksites avoiding obstructions either on the ground or overhead, as the boom and bucket can precisely be moved and controlled at reach, and the highest point of the machine is behind over the unit.

The telescoping and 220-degree (110 degrees in each direction) tilting boom allows it to work around and under trees, bridges, signs, overhead wires, and at other challenging job locations where conventional knuckle boom excavators simply will not fit.

Excavator Models for Every Job

Gradall offers four types of excavator classes, each designed to meet your unique excavation needs. Here is a quick overview of the models to give you a better idea of which Gradall will work best for you.

Highway Speed ExcavatorsA Gradall Rough Terrain Wheeled Excavator digs on uneven ground.

Gradall’s XL 3100-V, XL 4100-V, and XL 5100-V models feature an undercarriage engineered for highway speeds of 95 km/h. These excavators travel quickly from jobsite to jobsite, meaning you can leave your lowboy trailer and truck behind while you complete more work faster with fewer men and machines.

Rough Terrain Wheeled Excavators

The XL 3300-V, XL 4300-V, and XL 5300-V models are popular rough terrain wheeled excavators in their weight class, and are primarily used for on-site movement. Each provides maximum stability on different types of terrain. The rubber-tire undercarriage is tough and durable like those of conventional crawlers, but it won’t damage paved surfaces.

Crawler Excavators

Gradall’s XL 3200-V, XL 4200-V, and XL 5200-V models are all industry and weight-class leaders when it comes to mobility, adaptability, and productivity. The undercarriage is sure-footed enough to navigate and maneuver difficult surfaces including mud, sand, and stones.

Crossover Highway Speed Excavators

The D152 crossover highway speed model is built atop a commercial Freightliner chassis, meaning an operator can drive the excavator to jobsites at highway speeds. With a lower equipment investment, the crossover model is particularly ideal for satisfying tight municipal budgets without sacrificing productivity.

Is Gradall Right for Me?

Gradall excavators are ideal for use in the following industries:

  • Public Works Departments: Gradall excavators can be used for ditching, road construction, and forestry grinding operations, all at affordable costs and superior overall productivity.
  • Paving and Roadbuilding Companies: Excavation, construction, concrete and asphalt removal, and surface and site cleanup can be tackled easily with a Gradall.
  • Sewer and Watermain Companies: Gradall excavators are ideal for curb and sidewalk removal, construction and replacement operations.
  • Bridge Contractors: Gradall’s low working profile makes it a great choice for on-site excavation needs.

A wide selection of attachments are available, so you can do more with your Gradall excavator and achieve the highest return on investment. Attachment options include highway barrier handlers, hydraulic hammers, mowers and grinders, dredging buckets, and more.

If you currently own and operate a competitive make of wheeled excavator, a Gradall model can reach farther, do more, and deliver higher productivity under most work operations. Explore your options today and see how Gradall can enhance your excavation capabilities.

When Amaco opened its doors in 1983, Gradall became our first account. Today, we are proud to continue to offer Gradall’s lineup of telescopic boom excavators to our municipal and contractor customer base. Contact us today to discuss your needs!

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