Diamond Mowers logo.Amaco is excited to announce our new partnership with Diamond Mowers located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. This will further expand our Municipal and Contractor offering for attachments and dedicated equipment for roadside mowing.

Diamond is an innovator of attachments for temporary or full-time use of tractors and front-end loaders.

When choosing your roadside mowing equipment, keep the following points in mind:

  • Attachments and permanent mount units are available on a wide range of tractor models, but need to be carefully checked to make sure that they will (a) fit properly, and (b) work as expected.
  • Attachments are tractor-specific, and need to be carefully considered for all factors involved.
  • A machine designed for full time mowing will out-produce a multi-purpose unit.

If you have enough work that requires full-time mowing, choose the right tool for the job and look for a permanent mount unit – they are built stronger, more productive, easier to use, and will last longer. Permanent mount systems can be installed at the factory, or by us at Amaco.

Diamond is a well-known name in Ontario and we are looking forward to fostering an excellent long-term relationship. If you are an existing Diamond owner or are interested in learning more about their roadside mowers, please contact us today so we can assist you in your operations. More information can be found at Diamond Mowers.

Amaco is Ontario’s heavy equipment specialist and has helped municipalities, contractors, and owner-operators across the province find the right machine solutions for them. Contact us today to discuss your needs!

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