The latest addition to the Power Curber lineup, the 7700 is a true multipurpose machine that is designed for a wide variety of both offset and paving A Power Curber 7700 Multipurpose Slipform Machine being used on a road project.applications.

Power Curbers featured the success story of Derek Commander, owner of Command Construction, in their most recent newsletter. Commander added a Power Curber 7700 to his fleet in 2018, and has been able to increase productivity and get jobs done quicker as a result.

Command recently completed a $10 million project that served to expand the local highway from two to three lanes in each direction. Barriers of various heights were required, and the company used their new 7700 for all of the slipform work on the project using several different molds.

“The machine cut 3-4 months off our timeline,” Commander said. “It was worth the investment. We are very satisfied.”

To get the full story, check out the Power Curbers newsletter.

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