The budget for excavation is always tight, so it makes sense that municipalities would make every effort to stretch their budget without compromising on the quality of their work. One way that counties are stretching their budgets is by using Gradall excavators to get the job done more efficiently.

By using Gradall excavators, counties are able to get more work done with less equipment, fewer men, and less manual labor. The machines are designed to produce exceptional accuracy, which improves productivity even for the simplest tasks like widening a ditch.

That versatility is exactly what Geauga County in Ohio (U.S.) needed for a county-wide roadway and drainage ditch maintenance project.

A Gradall Success Story

In a move to stretch their budget without sacrificing the quality of their work, Geauga County put together a fleet of Gradall excavators to work for county subdivisions that can’t afford larger equipment. That’s not a problem because the larger equipment is unnecessary. The county made good use of Gradall’s versatility relocating drainage ditches, pouring asphalt, and smoothing dirt around residential mailboxes. Gradall’s telescoping boom excavators are low-profile enough to reach under tree limbs – something knuckle booms can’t do.

Read Gradall’s case study to get the full story about how this county used Gradall equipment to stretch their budget.

Gradall Excavators Can Travel at Highway Speeds

Gradall excavators save municipalities time and money that would otherwise be spent transporting equipment from site to site. Gradall excavators can travel quickly between jobsites and be returned to the equipment yard at the end of the day. You don’t have to wait for a trailer.

Gradall Provides Precision Control

The range of motion, which includes a 360-degree rotating telescopic boom for accuracy, is unparalleled by other equipment. The telescopic boom mimics precise human arm and hand movements, providing superior control when digging.

One Machine Can Perform Multiple Jobs

Gradall’s crawler excavators can work in tunnels, under bridges, on rocky surfaces, in sand, and on uneven terrain. Attachments are quick and easy to swap out and you don’t need outriggers for stability.

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Jeff MacDonald