As the weather gets warmer and the season begins to change over it’s time to start planning for the spring season. With projects beginning in a few short weeks, there is no better time to perform routine maintenance and repairs on your equipment to prepare for the busy spring and summer seasons.

Winter brings about long periods of disuse and cold temperatures that affect heavy construction and road maintenance equipment in different ways.  From damaged parts to pest infestation, anything can happen! To help you make sure you’ve looked for everything, we’ve put together this [helpful printable PDF] to bring with you as you complete your spring maintenance checks.

Download Our PDF

If you come across any problems while preparing your equipment for spring, or struggle to keep up with all the tasks your machines may need, turn to trained service technicians who can complete seasonal inspections and address any serious issues that may arise. Professionals like our Amaco technicians can provide you with unique insight into the needs of your equipment and create a plan to keep your machines in the best condition.

Amaco is Ontario’s heavy equipment specialist and has helped municipalities, contractors, and owner-operators across the province find the right machine solutions for them. Contact us today to discuss your needs!

Jeff MacDonald