Rubble Master is known for providing heavy-duty recycle crushing in a highly mobile and compact package. Recently, more and more contractors Excavator producing reusable materials on construction siteare finding value in recycling material, as it offers a source of lower cost reusable materials and a chance to generate revenue from crushing projects. Read on to see how Rubble Master helped a customer save £13,840, the equivalent of $22,210 CAD, in just two days with onsite recycling.

Recycling Demolition Waste in City Centres

For projects taking place in a tight urban setting with little room to maneuver, recycling the demolition material can be a difficult task – especially if the material needs to be removed from the site. But what if the waste didn’t require removal? This was the case with a recent demolition project in Manchester’s city centre. Through the use of an RM 70GO! tracked mobile crusher, the project achieved a 95% recycling rate, with 90% of the recycled material staying onsite for future use in construction.

Using two excavators, the building was brought to ground level with the foundations fully excavated. Then, 20 tonnes of scrap metal and 12 loads of inert waste were removed from the site. Finally, the RM 70GO! was brought in to crush the leftover brick and concrete, producing approximately 600 tonnes of crushed aggregate each day.

In just two days, the contractor calculated a cost savings of £13,840 or $22,210 Canadian, factoring in the cost of waste collection vehicles, fresh material delivery vehicles, and deducting the cost of the crusher rental.

To get the full story, check out the Rubble Master report.

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